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Kwame Adu; a pastor and international broadcastor; He is a top notch in anything radio or audio; from creative writing, programming, and to production.

He developed the passion for radio upon asking his dad number of times the common childhood mystery about radio “How did the people get in the box?” 

Since that time, that mystery for him about radio has made him a radio enthusiast, which has over the years propelled him to do lots of creative works in radio. 

He is the founder and CEO for Jingles and Promos, one of the leading radio imaging services in Ghana, which he works tirelessly day and night, to get it on to the world stage.

Regards to his radio presentation skills, Kwame started as an entertainment prefect in high school and ended up hosting the Top 20 Gospel Mix Show after his University Education in the University Of Ghana. Kwame’s show plays on terrestrial and online radio stations mainly in West and East Africa, parts of UK, USA, the Indies and the Philippines.

"I love anything audio and radio; in my production room, I can make that mono sound, stereo"
~ kwame